Makeup undoubtedly enhances your features but comes with its own challenges. You have spent hours perfecting your makeup, only to be disappointed by the smudging of makeup. Sipping your favourite cup of coffee, you see your best lipstick shades stain the cup. Looking at the stained cup, sigh, you go for another round of touch-ups. Whether it is a long day at work, a special event, or partying out loud, transfer-proof makeup is the key to your long-lasting, smudge-proof makeup. 

Not only the products but also the right way to use them enhances the longevity of your makeup. Everything depends on the base of the makeup. A perfect base provides your makeup a base to adhere to, making it transfer-proof. This blog will explore tips and tricks to help you make your makeup last long.

Cleanse the skin

Get down to the basics and start with preparing your skin. Clean and well-hydrated skin provides your makeup with a smooth base for easy application. Cleanse your face to remove all dirt, impurities, and excess oil. Now, apply a moisturiser to nourish the skin. In the process, don’t forget your lips, especially if you are applying light lipstick shades. Use a gentle lip scrubber to exfoliate the lips, followed by a hydrating lip balm or lip oil.  

Set the base

Primer sets a smooth base for your makeup to adhere to and acts as a barrier between the skin and makeup. It covers fine lines, pores, and uneven skin texture, making the skin smooth. Choose a primer according to your skin type and specific skin concerns. A primer for oily skin controls sebum and prevents the skin from giving a greasy or oily look. If you want to give your lipstick shades for dusky skin a different tone, put primer on your lips and the change in the shade. 

Put the foundation

The type of your foundation decides if your make would stay long and transfer-proof. Trust the foundations with sweat-proof, transfer-proof, and long-wear formulas. Hydrating foundations are an excellent choice for dry skin as they keep the skin moisturized, giving a dewy look that lasts long. A matte is meant for oily skin that controls the excess oil and prevents makeup from gliding. 

Work in layers

Apply the base in layers to achieve a natural look. Refrain from applying a thick foundation layer; instead, cover the face gradually in layers. This ensures the foundation adheres to the base and is less transferable to clothes. Apply a thin layer of foundation on your lips for the best lipstick shades to give a high payoff and stand out.

Lock-up the makeup

Setting powder supports locking up the makeup. It sets the foundation and prevents it from gliding. Focus on the T-zone and other areas of the face that easily reflect oily shine. Balancing this with a pressing powder helps in oil control and makes the transfer-proof. Setting your foundation with a setting powder can be a game-changer in making your makeup transfer-proof. All you need is to find the best shade that is a bit on the translucent side. 

Complete the look

Once your base is set, complete your makeup. Go for dramatic eye makeup or keep it subtle; glam up your eyes with eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner. Complete your look with a black kajal, or add a bit of drama with blue or green shades. With many lipstick shades for girls, choose the one suitable for your look, like nude shades for a no-makeup makeup look. 

Make your lips pout

Lipsticks are beauty essentials that many of us won’t step out of the house without wearing them. When we talk about making makeup transfer-proof, we cannot forget lipstick. All you need to pick is a shade that comes with water-proof, transfer-proof, and high pigment payoff features. Such lipsticks stay long, even the light lipstick shades, and do not get transferred on cups and mugs easily. 

Seal the makeup

Once you have finished doing your makeup, use a setting spray to lock it. Setting sprays help you keep your makeup in place and give a natural finish. Select a setting spray according to your skin type: a matte setting spray for oily skin and a hydrating one for dry skin. Shake the bottle before use, hold it at arm’s length, and spray first in an X-pattern, followed by a T-pattern for complete coverage. 

Getting transfer-proof makeup is easy if you invest in the right products and work your way out using the proper application techniques. Keeping this in mind, you can enjoy the parties or work stress-free without worrying about touch-up runs. Setting a suitable base is the key to making your makeup transfer-proof, and we hope that you incorporate each step while applying your makeup. 

At Lotus Herbals, you will find a range of makeup with transfer-poof and long-lasting features. Many of these products are sweat-proof and water-resistant, giving you another reason to use them to increase your makeup longevity. Whether it is lipstick shades for girls or black kohl, the products are skin-friendly and infused with natural ingredients. Explore the world of makeup with us, and keep shining!