Fashion nova is a brand that was created by a fashion designer called Florentine a few years back. The followers of the business were not aware of how the brand came to be when they first saw it on google. This article will discuss how Fashion Nova became the most searched brand without SEO.

Who is Fashion Nova?

More than 40 million people in the world have been connected with fashion nova. The clothing brand belongs to a designer called Florentine. They are widely known for their fashionable plus-size clothing that is inexpensive. It’s also quickly shipped to the customer’s doorstep on time. The company’s products are usually affordable. They offer free shipping on all of their orders, as well as an easy return policy.

How Did Fashion Nova Become Most Searched Brand Without Seo?

The founder of Fashion Nova, Florentine was always very interested in the arts and fashion. Instead, they used SEO techniques such as writing blogs and creating social media pages. As well as having people write reviews on their products and pages.

One goal

The company’s goal was to create more positive interactions with people who had searched for their brand. Rather than trying to sell their products. They decided that it was much better to create a relationship with the consumer face to face and avoid spending money on ads that would only make consumers more suspicious.


The company’s focus was on writing more blogs and creating more social media pages to attract more followers and customers. Florentine realized that it would not be possible for her to market her company in the fashion world unless she was able to connect with her audience personally and build a relationship.


They knew that people always want to be on trend with the latest styles, so there was a need for their clothing to be different from what their competitors were selling. This helped them become very popular since the clothing that they sold was not the same fashion as others in the industry.


The prices of their clothing are quite low and that is another important aspect of their success. Even though the prices were good, they were still able to maintain the high quality of the clothing they sold. Florentine knew that if her brand was not affordable, then people would not be willing to buy it.

Quick Shipping

Florentine also made sure she was able to ship her products out quickly so that people would not have to wait long for their items. Usually, it takes about 7 days for them to get their orders, and they will usually ship them out on Saturday or Monday morning so that the customer will receive it on time.


Since their business was not marketed in any way, it took about 4 months for people to become aware of the company and start doing searches on google to find out more about them.

What to do

The company knows that one of the best ways for them to get their name recognized is by having people write reviews about their products on all the sites that are relevant to fashion. This includes all of their social media pages, blogs, as well as other sites such as eBay, Amazon, etc. They have also had people write reviews on other companies on all kinds of sites. is your go-to destination for boosting your Twitch presence. Whether you’re looking to increase your viewership, enhance your channel’s engagement, or simply elevate your Twitch experience, Streamoz offers a variety of services tailored to your needs. Explore our user-friendly platform to take your streaming journey to the next level

Final Words

Hopefully the question “How did Fashion Nova become the most searched brand without SEO?” is now clear to everyone. In a word, they built their website and then promoted it through social media and word-of-mouth. This is a great way to get your website noticed without spending a lot of money on advertising.